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Wonderful Things YOU Can Do to Improve the Life of an Outside Dog


Let your dog inside! Dogs are pack animals and greatly desire to be with others. Unless you are outside with them, they aren’t going to want to stay outside for long.
Play with your dog daily. Exercise is important for all dogs (and is good for you too)! Play fetch, go for a walk! It would mean the world to your dog.
Build a fence or set up a running line. This gives your dog more space to explore. Just ensure that the fence is high enough that your pooch cannot jump over it and harm himself.
Give your dog toys. Dogs love to chew, so give your pup something safe and fun to chew on — a rawhide, a tennis ball, or knotted towel.
Ensure your dog has plenty of food and water. And provide this daily in clean bowls that won’t tip over.
Replace old collars and chain collars with new nylon ones. You should be able to easily fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar.
Provide adequate shelter. In the summer, dogs need a cool shady place to retreat. In the winter, they need to keep warm and dry. Always bring your dog inside when temperatures hit the extremes.
Visit your vet for regular checkups. Lots of diseases and ailments can be prevented with preventative care.
Spay or neuter your dog. This can help to calm your dog and also prevents some forms of cancer.
Enroll your dog in training classes. It will help you both to better communicate with each other.

AND… If You Encounter Someone Else’s Outside Dog…

Befriend the dog’s guardian and encourage him/her to do right for their pooch. Don’t be afraid to offer help if need be. Several of the websites listed on our Helpful Links page have very good tips on how best to get involved with someone else’s dog in need.
Call Animal Control if you suspect animal cruelty or neglect. Dogs that are thin, consistently without food or water, lacking appropriate shelter, or seem often to be ill or have injuries are dogs that need help – your help. Please don’t turn a blind eye. To quote a great man (M.L. King Jr.), “There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal.”
If you would like to report a possible dog in need, please contact Stacey; all reports are investigated and your personal information is kept confidential.

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