Houses of Wood & Straw

Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world.  Indeed, its the only thing that ever has.  --Margaret Mead


How Can You Help?

DONATE: The HOWS Project has a list of materials needed for the construction and distribution of our houses:
140 - Sheets of thick 4x8 treated plywood
122 - 2x6x96 treated boards
10 - 5lb boxes of 2 galvanized screws
10 - 5lb boxes of 3 galvanized screws
14 - Quarts exterior sealant
14 - Applicators for the sealant
110 - SF of Kerdi waterproofing membrane
18 - Tubes of 100% silicone caulking
250 - Bales of straw

Important Extras:
  • Dog bones and biscuits
  • Stainless steel water bowls (Large and XL)
  • Nylon dog collars (small, medium, large, XL)
  • 55-gallon garbage bags (provided with each bale to keep the straw dry)
  • Moving truck usage
  • Pick-up truck usage
  • Gasoline


  • Brochures
  • Photo development
  • Photo albums (for participating schools and Boy Scouts)
  • Appreciation certificates (for participating schools and Boy Scouts)
  • Thank you cards
  100% of all money collected for the HOWS Project is applied directly towards the needs of the animals.  Monetary and material donations are very much appreciated! 
VOLUNTEER: We are always looking for volunteers to help us fundraise, educate, and distribute. The HOWS Project volunteers raise all the monetary and material donations necessary for the construction of our houses. We deliver these materials to their construction sites (schools and Boy Scout troops), retrieve the houses once complete, and deliver them to area outside dogs in need.
KEEP AN EYE OUT: Report any dogs you think might be in need of the HOWS Project a house, straw, or both. It would make a big difference for that animal. And you can report anonymously if youd like. All reports are taken seriously and in confidence.
BEFRIEND A DOG IN NEED: Take him for a walk, brush him, bring him toys and snacks. Dogs are social creatures. They long for such companionship.
BUILD A DOG HOUSE OR START A DOG HOUSE PROJECT IN YOUR COMMUNITY: If you would like to build a sturdy shelter for a needy dog, please feel free to download the dog house plans we use. And if you are interested in getting your community involved in starting its own dog house project, dont hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to share any/all information I have about what it takes to begin and maintain such a project.

Cats need shelter too! If you would like to build a sturdy shelter for a needy cat, please feel free to download the cat house plans we use.

WRITE TO YOUR LEGISLATURE: Changing the law is the ultimate step in bettering the lives of outside dogs. Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.


We are very thankful for our supporters, as without their monetary donations, volunteerism, and referrals of dogs in need we would not be nearly as successful
in helping as many animals as we do each year.
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