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When And How to Donate

100% of all money collected for HOWS Project is used in some way to positively impact the animals in need in our area.

We spend a good sum of funds on fencing materials and dog house materials.  The bulk of our fence builds happens during the warmer months. And the majority of our construction materials is collected and distributed in the month of September to our army of local school carpentry classes and Boy Scout troops, who build many of our dog houses.

That said, donations are much appreciated at any time of the year. We are out there year-round doing all we can to help as many as we can.
For monetary donations to HOWS Project, you may send a check, payable to HOWS Project, to our PO Box address, or make your donation by clicking here.  Take note, Paypal allows for recurring monthly donations, should that be of interest to you.

If you have supplies that you would like to donate to HOWS Project, please contact us to further discuss.

If you would like to donate your time or services to HOWS Project, please contact us to discuss the current needs of the project.

Stock donations may be done easily online through Stock Donator. 

And please consider HOWS Project when estate planning.

HOWS Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your monetary donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

HOWS Project Turns Your Generosity Into a Positive Difference For an Outside Dog in Need!


Here are some examples of where your funds go:


♥ Your $5 donation >>> ensures a bag of yummy dog treats to a dog not used to receiving such a simple pleasure

♥ Your $10 donation >>> ensures the comfort of a bale of warm dry straw bedding in the colder season or soft cushiony pine bedding in the warmer season

♥ Your $25 donation >>> ensures a sturdy comfortable padded nylon collar with walking lead

♥ Your $50 donation >>> ensures a month or two worth of quality dog food

♥ Your $100 donation >>> ensures a protective, well-designed HOWS Project dog house

♥ Your $200 donation >>> ensures premium flea/tick prevention for a dog for an entire year

♥ Your $300 donation >>> ensures spay/neuter of a HOWS dog, plus vaccinations and a wellness check and treatment of basic (and often common) ailments such as intestinal parasites and tick borne illnesses

♥ Your $1,000 donation >>> ensures a fenced enclosure to free a dog forever from the chain

No Donation is Too Small! Help Us Help Them!

Supplies we Need

Building Materials

  • ¾" thick, 4 feet x 8 feet sheets of pressure treated plywood*
  • 2" x 6" x 8 feet pressure treated lumber*
  • 5 lbs. boxes of 3-inch deck screws with # 25-star drive
  • 5 lbs. boxes of 2-inch deck screws with # 25-star drive
  • 1 lb. boxes of 1 ¼ inch deck screws with # 25-star drive
  • Clear latex caulk - (DAP ALEX PLUS "clear" all-purpose acrylic latex caulk plus silicone)
  • Gallons of exterior deck stain - (Thompson's Water Seal)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Rolls of Kerdi waterproofing membrane
  • Foam board insulation, ¾ inch thick, 4 feet x 8 feet sheets


* HOWS Project is receptive to offers of leftover pressure treated materials from construction sites

Other Essentials

• Greenies dog chews
• Nylabone dog toys (Dura Chew version only)
• Stainless steel food bowls (Large and XL)
• Plastic 8-quart flat back water buckets
• Unused nylon dog collars with metal clasps
• Nylon 6-foot walking leads
• Pooper scoopers
• K9 Advantix II Canine flea/tick preventative
• Advantage II Feline flea preventative
• Bales of straw (not hay)

Please check out our Amazon and Chewy Wish Lists!

An Important Note About Straw (Vs. Hay)

Hay is green.  It is harvested fresh before seeding and is a type of legume that is fed to animals.

HOWS Project uses straw, which is yellow. It is the stalks left over after seeds have been harvested.  It is also tubular so it traps heat and thus is a perfect material for bedding.  Hay is flat and not appropriate for bedding.

We so appreciate your straw bale donations, but we can’t use any hay for our bedding.  Save the hay for the horses!

HOWS Project is grateful for the continued support of the Companion Animal Fund and the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies for their generous grants to help us fund our spay/neuter efforts for outside dogs in need.

HOWS Project thanks the animal-loving folks at Red Star Merchandise for their ongoing support.

We can't do it alone

We are very thankful for our supporters and sponsors as without their monetary donations, volunteerism, and referrals of dogs in need we would not be nearly as successful in helping as many animals as we do each year.