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There are lots of ways to help HOWS Project help outside dogs in need!  Sign Up Here to Volunteer

Join Us for a Field Day: We travel as a team and deliver HOWS Project Dog Houses and other essential supplies like no-tip water buckets, stainless steel food bowls, straw or pine bedding, plus lots more to the many on our list. Be a part of what is often a game-changing day for the dogs we visit.

Join Us for a Fence Day: Several times during the year we gather to erect a fence for a lucky HOWS dog who will be chained no more! These un-chained dogs “zoom” around their new spaces, overcome with their new-found sense of freedom. You can be a part of the “zoomies”; no experience necessary. Come build a fence with us!

Build a House: Want to build a HOWS Project Dog (or Cat) House for a critter in your neighborhood? Maybe you want to build a house for HOWS Project to deliver to a dog on our list? Or perhaps you’re driven to start a project like ours in your community? HOWS Project can help by providing you with well-crafted step-by-step HOWS Project Dog House Plans or Cat House Plans.  If you reproduce our plans in any way, please give credit to both the authors (Nancy Burr and Brad Suter) and HOWS Project for the creation of the document(s). A crazy number of hours went into composing these plans.

Help Us Transport Materials: We often need assistance getting dog houses or lumber or fencing materials from Point A to Point B. If you have a truck, van, or trailer and would like to help us move “the big stuff” around, that would be awesome.

Help Us Transport Dogs: Sometimes our clients need assistance transporting their dogs to medical appointments, spay/neuter appointments, or grooming appointments. Sometimes a HOWS dog is surrendered to HOWS Project, and we need help transporting him to the next stop on his journey. Whatever the reason, we find ourselves in need of critter transporters on a fairly regular basis. If this is your sort of thing, we should talk.

Foster an Animal for HOWS Project: On occasion, HOWS Project has dogs in need of short-term foster to heal from their spay/neuter surgery when their person, for whatever reason, is unable to keep them “inside” during their recovery period. We also, on occasion, have surrendered HOWS dogs in need of short-term or long-term foster before being moved on to a rescue group or their forever home. Perhaps your heart and home would be a good fit for one of these sweet babes.

Assist our Coordinators: Be it promotional items, photos, data entry, dog-house building, fencing, media, etc. etc., our Core Volunteers who hold leadership positions are always looking for assistance to help them do the best they can for the animals we serve. Teamwork!

Be an Event Assistant: The more the merrier, event assistants help with different aspects of HOWS events, from distributing flyers to selecting door prizes to setting up the merchandise table and anything in between. This is a divide-and-conquer position, with several folks working as a team in conjunction with the person in charge of each event to accomplish all tasks associated with each affair. Rewarding to pull it off without a hitch!

Table for HOWS Project: HOWS Project holds its own events and attends quite a few others throughout the year. We often have a table set up with HOWS literature, merchandise, and giveaways! We love when passionate HOWS folks tend our table and educate passers-by about all our good deeds!

Spread the Good Word of HOWS Project: We love assistance with spreading the word! Lots of folks know about us, but lots do not. If you have ideas and the talent to get the good word of HOWS Project out there, we’re all ears!

We are so fortunate to have wonderful, compassionate, motivated volunteers who make us who and what we are! If you would like to be a part of something special, please volunteer with us.


⭐️ HOWS is “Hiring” for a Couple Core Lead Positions ⭐️

Our organization is GROWING, and we are looking for a couple folks who would like to help us to do so successfully. Mind you, we are asking for volunteers, so any “new hires” would be paid in praise and warm feelings about all the good you’ll be doing to help outside dogs in need. 

Here are the positions we hope to fill:

⭐️ Surrender Care Coordinator:

Though HOWS is not a rescue, our clients on occasion find the need to surrender their animals to us.  Depending on the situation, there are a few aspects of the Surrender Care Coordinator position.

All require initial intake – including assigning a short-term foster and likely schedule general medical care. Should the animal be fostered through HOWS, additional duties would involve Petfinder profile creation and management, application management, foster relations management, and adoption coordination.

This work requires patience, compassion, good “customer service” skills, evaluation skills, and organization. On average, we have roughly 20-25 surrendered dogs pass through HOWS over the course of the year, but many are not in our care for long; often those surrendered to HOWS will be transferred into the care of a trusted shelter or rescue as opposed to being kept in our foster care.


⭐️ Grant Writer:

HOWS Project is looking for one or two folks to assist us in applying for monies from the many different grant opportunities offered locally, regionally, and otherwise. We do so much good, and it is common for us to be awarded the grants for which we apply. But we’d like to apply for more! So we’re looking for someone who could dedicate some time to helping us! If this sounds like your bailiwick, please reach out to us!

Interested in helping? Contact Stacey Norris, HOWS director, at 434-882-1847.

Thanks a bunch!